Pacific Surveys, LLC owns and operates Javelin NMR logging tools, enabling them to economically service customers throughout California.  

Pacific Surveys running a Vista Clara Javelin Max NMR logging tool with JPX525 NMR probe on a large diameter production well in the California desert. (Photo courtesy of Michael Ridder, (President – Pacific Surveys, LLC, March 2022).

The Javelin Max JPX525 NMR logging tool is uniquely capable of logging medium to large diameter groundwater wells with borehole sizes ranging from 6 inches to 18 inches. It can be used in open boreholes up to 18 inches in diameter, as well as PVC-cased wells as small as 6 inches in diameter. These types of large diameter wells are very common for groundwater production and aquifer storage and recovery in the Western United States, and also for groundwater remediation projects including pump and treat facilities.

Like all Javelin Max and Javelin Slim tools, this tool operates on economical small gauge 4-conductor or 7-conductor wireline. A variety of different centralizing components can be used to deploy these tools in a wide range of borehole types and sizes.

The NMR logging data from all Javelin tools are processed and displayed by the operator in real time, at the well site. This facilitates real-time, high-resolution evaluation and visualization of key aquifer properties such as total porosity, bound and mobile porosity, hydraulic conductivity and transmissivity.

This enables project hydrogeologists and engineers to make informed decisions on aquifer testing and well design without incurring additional costs and delays associated with off-site consultant processing and review.

This real-time formation evaluation capability is extremely valuable for:

  1. Selecting zones for aquifer testing including zonal tests and slug tests, which are ideally performed immediately following geophysical logging.
  2. Estimating overall well yield prior to completion of the well, which can greatly improve the decision process on whether to complete a well or abandon it.
  3. Optimizing the final well design including determination of well screen locations and well engineering details.

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