NMR Geophysics

Vista Clara’s diverse suite of instruments measure the key hydrogeologic properties that control the storage and movement of groundwater.

Water Content

NMR technology enables you to directly and accurately measure the volumetric water content  within the native formation. Moreover, NMR measurement provides in-situ characterization of bound and mobile water content, pore-size distribution, and hydraulic conductivity

Relative Pore Size Distribution

Determine the relative abundance of each pore size in the soil, enabling direct analysis of sediment or rock type.

Bound vs Mobile Porosity

NMR technology not only detects what water is present, but allows you to accurately distinguish and quantify the fraction of groundwater that is bound in small pores and clay versus the fraction of groundwater that is mobile and available for extraction.

Hydraulic Conductivity

How easily does water pass through soil or rock – how connected are the pores? What is the best interval for pumping? With NMR, not only do you get information about saturated pore-size distribution, but you also get a high-resolution, continuous estimate of hydraulic conductivity that is a good match to lower resolution, more traditional techniques like pump tests.


Groundwater Resources

Environmental Remediation

Geotechnical Engineering