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Case Studies

Case studies are a useful way to see how NMR has been applied to groundwater studies. Where is the groundwater? How hard is it to get out of the ground? Over what interval do I inject water back into an aquifer to maximize flow in my Managed Aquifer Recharge project?


Whitepapers & Tech Notes

Over the years we have published a number of whitepapers and tech notes. They are always worth a read.


Over the years we have produce a number of informational and instructional videos. We also share here some of the videos that some of our clients have prepared, highlighting their use of NMR on various project.


Reference Library

We have collected here a huge number of refereed and non-refereed papers, conference proceedings, etc. that we (and some of our clients) have published over the years. Please let us know if you know of any that we have missed.


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We publish nearly monthly newsletters highlighting new product introductions, upgrades, conferences attended, etc. These are archived here.

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