Standard Features

Any Sample Size

Soil and rock cores come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Helios has interchangeable detection coils appropriate for different core diameters, and removable doors to enable continuous measurement of long undisturbed cores.

Helios Processing

Full-featured Helios processing allows the user to understand everything they need to know about their sample and how it interacts with water.

Helios soil & core analyzer

Field Portability

Maintaining laboratory precision, Helios’ lightweight and rugged design allows measurement in the field. With a mobile configuration, you can quantify water content and hydrological properties immediately after collecting samples.

Helios NMR core analyzer

Low Field Strength and Large Bandwidth Improves Results in Magnetic Geology

Helios operates over a larger bandwidth, but with lower strength field than other NMR analyzers, enabling more accurate measurement of water content in magnetically susceptible rocks and sediments.


Helios applications


Water Resources

  • Determination of bound/mobile water fractions
  • Estimation of hydraulic conductivity
  • Development of NMR logging aquifer permeability models


  • Moisture content in ore cuttings and core samples
  • Improve density estimates by measuring porosity and water content of field samples
Helios soil & core analyzer

Environmental Remediation

  • Detailed analysis of water-bearing properties of core samples


Directly analyze samples to:

  • Characterize soil structural properties on construction projects
  • Improve results on earthen dam and levee investigations
  • Improve liquefaction management

Helios Specifications

robust measurements of hydrologic properties over a wide range of sample lithology and core size.

Helios delivers accurate NMR measurements for rock and soil samples over a wide range of core size and lithology, along with flexibility for field or lab usage.

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