Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Geophysics Solutions for

Geotechnical Engineering

Quantify Porosity and Permeability

Measure porosity and estimate permeability in saturated materials without the risk inherent in radioactive sources or the data gaps and expense of packer testing. Improve site investigation and clarify risk.

  • Obtain direct measurements of hydrologic properties.
  • Predict soil behavior under varying groundwater and loading conditions including dry density.
  • Logging geotechnical boreholes, including for offshore and nearshore wind power seabed analysis.

Solution 1


  • Obtain continuous, high-resolution logs of hydrogeologic properties, including porosity and estimated permeability (in saturated materials) or moisture content (in the unsaturated zone).
  • Collect logs in open holes or in cased and grouted boreholes.
  • Determine clay volume with optional integrated natural gamma sensor.

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Solution 2


  • Direct push logging of the unsaturated zone to identifies high permeability sediments suitable for flood-based recharge, and also identifies low permeability sediments that would impede flood-based recharge.
  • Repeat logs over time in PVC-cased wells to monitor subsurface water content and saturation states.

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