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Surface Magnetic Resonance Whitepaper

Superior Technology for Surface Magnetic Resonance Measurements of Hydrogeologic Properties

Read this new whitepaper from Vista Clara to gain a deep understanding of the key considerations in selecting and deploying a Surface Magnetic Resonance system.

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Technical Note: Multi-frequency NMR Logging

This Technical Note provides a detailed discussion of the benefits of multi-frequency NMR logging. Nearly all modern NMR logging tools have the ability to perform NMR measurements at multiple frequencies during a single logging run. This multi-frequency measurement capability provides many critical operational benefits, including improving the signal-to-noise ratio of the measurements and enabling faster logging (Coates et al., 1999).

Vista Clara’s full line of Javelin® and Dart™ magnetic resonance (NMR) logging probes offer this capability, operating at multiple frequencies to offer unique benefits.



We welcome the opportunity to help you incorporate magnetic resonance into your projects.