The US Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded Vista Clara a major R&D grant to develop novel NMR technologies for use in characterizing subsurface processes at coastal interfaces.

According to the DOE SBIR R&D Grant announcement: “Subsurface processes at coastal interfaces are critical to the transport and cycling of nutrients, such as nitrogen, that can both support and damage ecosystem health. This project will deliver sensor technologies (related to hospital MRI) that will allow scientists to better measure, model, and predict the behavior of these processes in a changing world. The technology will also deliver data that will reduce risk and improve success of projects in commercial markets, including civil, geotechnical, and environmental engineering.”

Vista Clara has successfully carried out multiple SBIR grants and was recognized as the DOE SBIR Small Business of the year in 2015. We look forward to executing this grant in continuing support of the DOE needs and the SBIR mission of technology commercialization.

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