Global On-site Support

Where in the World is Vista Clara?
The short answer is “Everywhere!”

One of the things that our whole team enjoys the most is to support our customers in the field, virtually anywhere around the globe. We help you get the most out of your Vista Clara equipment investments and provide hands-on, in-depth support to assure success for your specific needs.

Elliot Grunewald working with Geoscience Australia, Alice Springs, Northern Territory Australia, 2018
Alaska, USA
Elliot Grunewald, Alaska, April 2017
Warren Caldwell, Argentina, 2017
Dave Walsh, The Pilbara, Western Australia, December 2009 (46 deg C in the shade)
Dave Walsh, Gnangara Mound, Western Australia, 2009
Dave Walsh in Wuhan, China in 2014
Dave Walsh with Leibniz Institute of Applied Geophysics in Hanover Germany - 2019
Montana, USA
Elliot Grunewald and Rodney Caldwell (USGS) in White Sulpher Springs Montana - 2013
Colorado, USA
Warren Caldwell (Vista Clara) and Burke Minsley (USGS), Redwell Basin Colorado, 2018
Texas, USA
Dave Walsh working with USGS in Uvalde Texas, 2009