Javelin Micro

Magnetic Resonance Ultra-Small NMR Tool For
Logging 2in (44mm) or Larger Diameter Boreholes

• Environmental site characterization
• Geotechnical site investigations
• Groundwater resource management
• Aquifer storage and recovery
• Mine water engineering
• Brine and leach mining

With a 1.75in (44mm) diameter, Javelin Micro is the world’s first wireline NMR tool capable of logging 2in ID PVC cased boreholes. Javelin Micro provides high-resolution, continuous measurements of principal aquifer properties for groundwater and environmental investigations.  Logging in 2in diameter PVC wells is a common requirement for many environmental remediation, groundwater resources, and mining applications.

Javelin Micro key capabilities include:

  • World’s smallest diameter wireline NMR probe
  • Widest diameter of investigation
  • Multiple depths of investigation
  • Industry-standard wireline compatibility
  • Flexible surface station