Vista Clara will be participating in a demonstration of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technology in southern Ontario for shallow groundwater investigations. The 2-day demo is a collaboration between academia (University of Waterloo, UGuelph-MG360), government (Geological Survey of Canada), and industry (Vista Clara Inc.), and will preview the latest generation NMR geophysical technology at two test sites.

The demos will preview both surface and downhole NMR techniques at two University of Waterloo test sites with well-studied, shallow, sediment aquifers. Vista Clara will be providing and demonstrating the GMR-Flex surface NMR Instrument and the Dart direct push NMR tool. The University of Waterloo is providing a Geoprobe direct push drill rig to demonstrate the push tool, and access to their test sites. The GSC is providing their Javelin wireline NMR logging tool.

Dart direct push NMR tool (left) and resulting high resolution NMR log (right)

Schedule of Events

Date and Time of Day

Location Demonstration Activity
Wednesday May 24, Morning UW North Campus X-Lot Direct Push NMR (Geoprobe + Dart)
Wednesday May 24, Afternoon UW North Campus Bauer Warehouse Borehole Logging NMR (Javelin®)
Thursday May 25, Morning UW North Campus X-Lot Direct Push NMR (Geoprobe + Dart)
Thursday May 25, Morning UW North Campus Bauer Warehouse Surface NMR (GMR-Flex)
Thursday May 25, Afternoon Woodstock Thornton Well Field Surface NMR (GMR-Flex)



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