In January 2020, Vista Clara President, Dave Walsh, traveled to Hanover, Germany to provide on-site training and support for the Leibniz Institute of Applied Geophysics (LIAG), one of the first customers to deploy the new Javelin 238 Wireline system.

LIAG purchased the state-of-the-art Javelin Wireline including both 2.38 (60 mm) inch and 3.5 inch (90 mm) NMR logging tools in order to have a high degree of flexibility for groundwater analysis projects. The LIAG staff are very happy to have their new Javelin tools which will allow them to perform NMR measurements in a wide variety of borehole and well sizes, to depths of up to 1200 m.

During the visit, Dave Walsh accompanied LIAG staff for a hands-on training session at a site near Hanover, where the Javelin 238 Wireline was used to log a 20 meter deep PVC cased monitoring well.

The test results shown below show the actual NMR log of the well, including the natural gamma sensor, which is integrated into the new Javelin logging tools.

The high resolution NMR log – at 25cm vertical resolution – and natural gamma measurements clearly and unambiguously reveal the lithology and key hydrogeologic properties of the subsurface which consists of interbedded sands, silts and clays.

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