Helios Soil & Core Analyzer

Field portable NMR analyzer optimized for soils and core samples



Helios NMR measurements enable rapid quantification of fluid content and hydrogeologic properties including the total porosity, bound/mobile fluid fractions, pore size distribution, and permeability. Helios’ unique design features allow robust measurements of hydrologic properties over a wide range of core size and lithology.

Helios key capabilities include:

  • Laboratory precision in a field portable, lightweight rugged design
  • Handles soil and rock cores in a wide variety of shapes and sizes
  • Low-field, high-bandwidth operation enables accurate measurement of water content in magnetically susceptible rocks and sediments
  • Short echo spacing (~200 us) enables high SNR and high accuracy measurement of water in clays and unsaturated samples

Helios Applications:

  • Water resources
    • Determination of bound/mobile water fractions
    • Estimation of hydraulic conductivity
    • Development of NMR logging permeability models
  • Mining – moisture content in ore cuttings and core samples
  • Environmental remediation – detailed analysis of water-bearing properties of core samples
  • Geotechnical

Features included in Helios are patented as follows:: US 10,302,733

For More Info:
Download Helios Specifications Sheet