GMR Surface NMR

Surface-based Magnetic Resonance Tool


GMR is the industry’s leading solution for non-invasive characterization of groundwater and aquifer conditions below the surface. GMR was designed from the ground up to capture all of the advantages of multi-channel processing. GMR’s sophisticated and powerful electronics and rugged instrumentation provides unmatched performance and superior results.

GMR Provides Unique and Important Technical Advantages:

  • Highest power output (4800V/600A standard, 6000V/800A Optional) to enable the greatest depth of investigation
  • Shortest measurement dead time of any 4000V+ instrument (< 5 ms).
  • The industry’s most flexible multi-channel architecture with 4 full-functional full-power transmit/receive channels standard, with optional field expansion to 8-channels
  • Patented CPMG and Adiabatic pulse sequences provide immunity to the effects of magnetic geology, rapid acquisition of complete T2 relaxation data, and up to 3x higher NMR signal amplitude than traditional pulse sequences

Advanced surface NMR-specific electronics are packaged in a modular design with an emphasis on reliability, safety, and performance.

A number of the features included in the Vista Clara GMR instrument are patented as follows: US 7,986,143 B2; US 8,451,004 B2; US 8,581,587 B2; US RE43,264 E; US 10,145,915 B2; EP 1 651 974 B1; US 9,599,688 B2; US 9,551,807 B2; US 9,588,068 B2; US 10,302,733 B2

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