GMR™ Surface NMR Instruments

Direct, Non-invasive Detection and Imaging of Groundwater to Depths of up to 500 feet (150 Meters)

Surface magnetic resonance (also known as surface NMR, proton magnetic resonance and magnetic resonance sounding) is a powerful ground-based geophysical method used to non-invasively detect, measure and image groundwater.

Vista Clara’s GMR™ instruments provide exceptional value for groundwater investigations due to their unique capabilities:

  • GMR is the ONLY non-invasive geophysical method that can directly detect and image groundwater from the surface
  • GMR directly quantifies volumetric water content
  • GMR unambiguously differentiates moveable water in large pores from immoveable water that bound in small pores
  • GMR provides unambiguous estimates of hydrogeologic properties, including hydraulic conductivity and specific yield
  • GMR provides high vertical resolution of the hydrogeologic properties described above, to depths of up to 500 feet (150 meters)

GMR™ surface NMR measurements can also be performed along 2D transects to provide direct 2-dimensional imaging of aquifer properties.

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