Portable Go-Anywhere Magnetic Resonance Logging Tool


Dart packs the power of magnetic resonance logging into a highly portable, battery-powered system operable by a single user. With Dart, any small-diameter bore—no matter how remote—becomes an opportunity for a high-resolution hydrogeologic log.

Dart’s single-person deployment and operation enables measurement in remote or environmentally sensitive locations while eliminating the need for multi-person crews or vehicles.

Dart NMR Control Unit:

This rugged and highly portable product functions as a complete, field capable NMR spectrometer. The Dart control unit provides power, wideband RF power amplification, NMR pulse sequence generation and synchronous low-noise NMR signal data acquisition, all in one environmentally-sealed enclosure. This unit interfaces with a Windows field tablet or laptop via a single USB connection, enabling NMR measurements to be acquired and analyzed in real time in the field.

Dart NMR Logging Probe:

The Dart NMR logging probe features high performance NMR measurement capabilities, making it ideal for measuring water content in near surface soils and sediments:

  • Battery capacity for a full day of logging
  • Short echo spacing (< 500 us) for the most accurate measurement of water content in unsaturated soils and sediments,
  • High vertical resolution (~9 inches/23 cm) for site characterization
  • Simultaneous measurement in two separate cylindrical sensitive zones with diameters of 5 inches (12.5 cm) and 6 inches (15 cm). These sensitive zone diameters are ideal for logging small diameter core holes, auger holes, or 2-inch (50mm) PVC-cased wells
  • Optional Geoprobe® (JP140G) can be deployed using Geoprobe’s direct push profiling system
  • Dart operates at frequencies between 420 kHz and 480 kHz, avoiding large radio frequency interference in the worldwide AM broadcast band (530 – 1610 kHz)

Dart Applications:

  • Environmental Site Characterization
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Mining
  • Geotechnical
  • Shallow Groundwater Resources

A number of the features included in Dart are patented as follows:: US 10,302,733, 10,113,982 B2; US 10,162,026 B2; US 10,302,733 B2; US 9,348,054 B2; US 9,588,068 B2US 8,816,684 B2; US 8,736,264 B2
* Available with advanced diffusion measurement software for characterization of hydrocarbon contaminants

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