In early 2022, Vista Clara delivered a GMR system to COSAN Chile.  COSAN offers non-invasive surface NMR geophysical surveys to deep, water well drilling customers.  By offering this service they have increased their customers certainty of finding groundwater and reduced the risk associated with drilling a dry well.  Since taking delivery, COSAN had surveyed more than 40 locations, drilled 15 wells, and had greater than 90% success in locating groundwater for their customers.

Given the drought conditions of Chile, and worsening conditions expected due to climate change, customers prefer COSAN because of the confidence they can deliver in selecting well locations using Vista Clara’s GMR technology.  On one recent COSAN project, the GMR found a highly permeable aquifer from 30 m to 50 m deep which provided an excellent water source for their customer.  COSAN was able to design a more efficient and productive well at lower cost as they were able to directly image the aquifer properties prior to drilling.

In addition to offering technology for the water resources market, Vista Clara technology is applied to mining, geotechnical and environmental projects worldwide.  Our worldwide sales, rentals and services allow geoengineering professionals to deliver better project outcomes, mitigate risks and reduce costs.