Vista Clara has delivered a Javelin NMR logging system to the New York Water Science Center in the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) located in Coram, NY. This system featured a custom-designed 3.0-inch diameter logging probe optimized for use in the 4-inch Schedule 80 PVC-cased monitoring wells that will be investigated with this system.

In December 2021, Vista Clara delivered and commissioned the system during a three-day site visit and provided training to USGS scientists John Williams, Andrew Lange, and Dr. Frederick Stumm. Javelin NMR logs from two monitoring wells were compared with existing geophysical and hydrologic information, helping to benchmark the tool for ongoing use by the Center.

In one logged well, preliminary aquifer pump test measurements from prior work (red line shown below) showed excellent agreement with the NMR-derived hydraulic conductivity with no additional site calibration required.

The USGS will use the Javelin as part of their ongoing monitoring and analysis of groundwater conditions on Long Island, tracking saltwater intrusion and ensuring safe, potable water for millions of residents.



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(NOTE: mention of the USGS in this post does not constitute an endorsement.)