As we move into 2021 and many organizations shift back toward more normal operations, Vista Clara has been seeing a significant wave of new activity across the board.  In particular, the usage of our Dart highly portable magnetic resonance logging tools have accelerated.

Dart brings the power of NMR into a small-diameter, battery-powered, system that can be easily deployed and operated by a single user.

With battery power able to support a full day of logging and the lightweight system able to be transported over virtually any terrain by one person, Dart is ideal for fast manual deployment into remote locations and environmentally sensitive areas.

Just some of the recent Dart field applications include:

  • US Army Corps of Engineers Cold Regions Research Laboratory (Alaska)
    The USACE CRRL lab has a number of projects investigating thaw and freeze processes in shallow permafrost environments.  Within a couple weeks of receiving their Dart system, they were already logging boreholes installed in permafrost outside of Fairbanks.
  • Professor Catherine Kirkland, Montana State University, Civil Engineering (Bozeman, Montana)
    Professor Kirkland is an expert in the use of NMR for characterization of porous media and biofilm dynamics.  As part of MSU’s Center for Biofilm Engineering, Professor Kirkland will use her Dart system for mesoscale laboratory experiments and field experiments to develop techniques for monitoring and characterizing biogeochemical processes in the subsurface.
  • Professor Brady Flinchum, Clemson University, Department of Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences (Anderson, SC)
    Professor Flinchum is a near-surface geophysicist who combines near-surface geophysical techniques to understand physical and chemical processes in the shallow subsurface. Previously a researcher at University of Wyoming and CSIRO, he has used Vista Clara’s surface and borehole NMR equipment for projects ranging from critical zone research to humanitarian water resource surveys.

Learn more about Dart highly-portable, magnetic resonsance logging tools here.