Andrew Parsekian with NMR tools in the field

We are pleased to share these excellent instructional videos created by Andrew Parsekian, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Hydrogeophysics at University of Wyoming.  Andy is one of the leading authorities on the usage of a wide range of tools for characterizing groundwater, including extensive experience with NMR.

Note: while these feature the usage of Vista Clara products, there is no express or implied endorsement of Vista Clara by either Andrew Pareskian or the University of Wyoming.  We appreciate the opportunity to share these informative videos for educational purposes.

For more videos from Andrew, please visit his YouTube channel

Darya Morozov, PhD, Vista Clara presents an overview of NMR technology and how it applies to groundwater investigations. Topics covered include: Physical Principles of NMR, Borehole NMR tools, Direct Push NMR, Surface NMR technology, and soil & core analysis with NMR.
Javelin Pro Plus Software Tutorial
GMR Flex Field Set-up and Data Acquisition Overview
Overview of Direct Push NMR Logging
Dave Walsh Webinar on Magnetic Resonance for Groundwater Investigation, presented to South African Geophysical Association
NMR Field Measurements
Applies to GMR and GMR Flex Surface NMR Tools
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Core Analyzer eLab
Applies to Helios Soil & Core Analyzer
Down-hole Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Dart Training
Applies to Dart Portable Downhole NMR Tool
USGS - Borehole Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Assessment
Applies to Javelin Wireline NMR Logging Tools
(No endorsement implied by USGS)