Rigler article in AGS

In this article in AGS Magazine, Balazs Rigler of Fugro discusses the group’s efforts to improve the efficiency and accuracy of hydrological analyses for near-shore and onshore foundation engineering in sedimentary geology.

Though well-established in the oil and gas and mining sectors, NMR’s application for engineering and land geotechnical projects is quite innovative. Fugro has implemented the technology as part of its borehole geophysics offering because it can provide valuable hydrogeological insight for near-surface site characterization projects.

Using Vista Clara borehole logging tools, Fugro has shown that the magnetic resonance (NMR) technique effectively logs both aquifer porosity and permeability and can distinguish between mobile, capillary-bound and clay-bound water. It is effective in air, water or drilling mud and is less sensitive to variations in borehole conditions than other techniques.

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