Training, Rentals, and Field Services


Responsive Support and On-Site Training

We prioritize effective training and responsive support so our customers are able to obtain high-quality data and meaningful results that add value to their projects. Our expert staff travels internationally to provide on-site training, data analysis, and assistance in survey design for first-time customers using Vista Clara’s GMR or Javelin instruments. From the office, our team of geophysicists and engineers are prepared to provide technical support and encourage customers to call with any questions. We can even provide remote login assistance to assist with questions related to data processing or interpretation.

We will also be offering short-courses at upcoming events in the US and internationally. Contact us to learn about upcoming events.


Javelin NMR logging system on rental in Denmark for groundwater contamination and geotechnical characterization projects.

Rent our products at an economical daily rate, shipped world-wide!

We can accommodate short rentals of just a few days or long term rentals spanning months. For first time customers, our personnel can travel with the equipment to provide on-site training. Our pool of GMR and Javelin rental equipment is in high demand, so please contact us early to arrange scheduling.

Fully Customized Field Services

Vista Clara offers professional and comprehensive NMR field services to customers around the world, ranging from private land-owners to government agencies and multinational firms. Our cutting-edge technology has demonstrated value across a wide array of applications, including groundwater aquifer resources, mining, and environmental projects.

Recognizing the diversity of our customer needs, we place an emphasis on adaptability and deliver customized field services that most efficiently meet project objectives. Whether a customer requires a day of training or a month of survey design, acquisition and analysis, our goal is always the same: to ensure the customer obtains the highest quality and most complete results possible.

Vista Clara offers a range of professional field services:

  • On-site Training
  • Survey Design
  • Data Acquisition
  • On-site Data Review and Processing
  • Remote Data Review and Processing
  • Data Inversion and Interpretation
  • Report Preparation