MR: Superior Technology for Surface Magnetic Resonance Measurements of Hydrogeologic properties

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Surface Magnetic Resonance

Surface magnetic resonance is a powerful geophysical method that provides direct, non-invasive detection and imaging of groundwater. However, the ability to obtain reliable and accurate results requires sophisticated instrumentation and software. Choosing the wrong instrument can result in unreliable data, lost investment, and potentially physical injury to the users or bystanders. Professionals in hydrogeology need to carefully weigh key design features in order to choose the most powerful, capable, and accurate instrument to characterize groundwater systems with confidence and safety.

Surface magnetic resonance (also known as surface NMR, proton magnetic resonance and magnetic resonance sounding) is a powerful ground-based geophysical method used to non-invasively detect and measure groundwater. Magnetic resonance measurements are directly sensitive to both the presence of water and its interaction with grain surfaces, enabling us to differentiate water that is bound in small pores (bound water) from water that is stored in large pores (mobile water). Surface magnetic resonance measurements can also provide unambiguous estimates of hydrogeologic properties, including hydraulic conductivity and specific yield. Finally, surface magnetic resonance is a very cost-effective method for groundwater investigation compared to drilling.

Surface magnetic resonance is powerful geophysical method for detection and characterization of groundwater. But the measurement is inherently difficult from engineering, application and interpretation points of view. The method demands more of the instrumentation and processing/ interpretation tools than any other geophysical method. Therefore, to get useful data “safely” and “efficiently” in the widest range of geological and cultural environments, and to get the most value out of your data, you need top of the line technology produced by a vendor that is 100% focused on magnetic resonance geophysics and the specific requirements of this powerful measurement.

GMR outside in Argentina

This whitepaper provides a detailed analysis of the key factors in selection of a surface MR tool that provides the accuracy, ease-of-use and safety capabilities needed for field hydrogeological projects.

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