NMR Equipment Rentals

Vista Clara offers rentals of our entire Geophysical product line to commercial, governmental, and academic customers globally. Refer to our product pages for details and specifications on our tools for NMR logging, surface sounding, core analysis, and soil measurement.

We provide professional NMR Geophysical services at competitive rates to accompany rentals. These include on-site training for new users, on-demand real-time remote support, data review, data analysis, and reporting. Consult with us to see how NMR Geophysics can help you meet your project requirements.

Equipment available 
Complete systems from all Vista Clara product lines are available for rent. 

Downhole NMR Logging SystemsAvailable Probe Diameters
Javelin® Micro1.75in NMR probe Download Javelin Micro Specifications
Javelin® Slim2.38in NMR probe 
3.5in NMR probe 
Download Javelin Slim Specifications
Javelin® Max3.5in NMR probe 
5.25in NMR probe 
Download Javelin Max Specifications
Dart™ NMR logging system1.75in NMR probe  Download Dart Specifications Sheet
Dart Direct Push™ NMR logging system1.40in NMR probe  Download Dart Specifications Sheet
Non-Invasive NMR Surface Instruments
GMR™  Download GMR Specifications Sheet
GMR-Flex™ Download GMR Flex Specifications Sheet
Geotechnical/Lab/Core NMR Analysis 
Helios™Download Helios Specifications Sheet

Rental rates 
Varies by product. Long-term discounts available for weekly and monthly rentals. 
Flat fees apply for check-out and inspection. 

Equipment can be shipped globally from our headquarters in Washington State, U.S. Select equipment may be available in additional countries from a local branch or partner. Javelin systems available locally in Australia and UK. Please enquire to see if we have rental equipment staged in your market. 

Want to learn and control every aspect of the NMR data collection and analysis process? Want to develop your own in-house NMR logging and surveying capabilities? Vista Clara’s NMR experts can provide in-depth training in field data acquisition and data processing, allowing you to rent and operate any of our instruments independently and empowering you to provide the NMR results you need. Our training is tailored to your operational environment and experience level, and can be held at our offices near Seattle, WA or at the location of your choice—including your field site. All rentals include full access to our in-house data analysis software along with instruction in how to use it, allowing you to deliver timely and comprehensive results. And if you ever require additional support for any reason, Vista Clara’s on-demand consulting services are available to scale with your needs.

Data processing services 
On-demand data analysis services are available, ranging from QC of field data to full written reporting. 

Field services 
Just want the data? Don’t have time to learn a new tool? Want your NMR data collected by the experts? Vista Clara’s geophysical staff is available to collect, process, and analyze NMR field data using any of our systems, anywhere in the world. We can also provide training to you and your team in parallel with data collection, giving you the option to operate independently on your next job.

Read more about our Professional Services here

We welcome the chance to help you incorporate magnetic resonance into your projects. Contact us for a quote today.