GMR delivers superior hardware and software capabilities, providing non-invasive imaging of groundwater with unparalleled power and precision.

GMR equipment in an snowy cold environment


GMR Measurements Provide:

  • Direct detection of groundwater
  • Non-invasive imaging of groundwater to depths of 150 meters*
  • Quantitative determination of water content
  • Estimates of mobile water volume and specific yield
  • Relative or calibrated estimates of permeability

Direct Imaging of Groundwater

The GMR system provides unambiguous detection of groundwater because the measured signal is generated by hydrogen in fluids. By measuring the magnetic resonance properties of the subsurface, GMR provides quantitative depth profiles of water content as well as estimates of hydrogeologic parameters, including specific yield and permeability. Using GMR, it is possible to obtain detailed aquifer characterization before ever drilling a well.

GMR Applications:

  • Groundwater exploration and well site selection
  • Delineation of aquifer and aquiclude geometry
  • Detection of water-filled fracture zones, voids or preferential flow paths
  • Characterization of aquifer properties for groundwater modeling
  • Vadose zone characterization for environmental and geotechnical projects

A Virtual Pump Test without the Well

Groundwater Resources

horses near GMR equipment testing groundwater

  • Take advantage of GMR’s non-invasive mapping of aquifers to select production well sites.
  • Obtain virtual pump test information without drilling.
  • Quantify aquifer flow and storage properties to parameterize hydrogeologic models.
  • Estimate hydraulic conductivity, transmissivity, and specific yield.


  • Increase the density and areal extent of your measurements with GMR’s portability, small footprint, and convenient deployment.
  • Image the subsurface in 1D, 2D, or even 3D to spatially resolve hydrogeologic parameters and identify zones of flow.


  • Locate water as a resource, plan for de-watering, or monitor impacts.
  • Detect groundwater non-invasively at depths of up to 150 meters.


  • Determine the water table unambiguously.
  • Measure partial water content in the unsaturated zone.
  • Quantify porosity and estimate bound and mobile water content.


  • Take advantage of Vista Clara’s flexible, highly capable, and customizable hardware and software platforms to work in new environments and open new areas of inquiry.


Pioneered with an emphasis on multi-channel capability, GMR is recognized as the state-of-the-art in surface magnetic resonance technology, enabling any user to conduct more precise, efficient, safe, and informative groundwater investigations.

Highest Performance and Most Advanced Features in the Industry

Highest Power Output

With the highest power output available (confirmed by multiple, independent, third-party field tests), GMR enables detection of deeper and shorter groundwater signals. Proprietary efficient power conversion architecture enables output up to 800A and 6000V.

Shortest Dead-Time

The ultra-short dead-times of the GMR (<5 ms) and GMR Flex (<1 ms) mean even the shortest magnetic resonance signals are captured. Magnetic resonance signals are short for water in magnetic geology, in fine-grained sediments, or in the vadose zone. These important signals are invisible without a ultra-short dead-time capability.†

Groundbreaking Multi-Channel Design

The unique multi-channel architecture of GMR enables adaptive noise cancellation for vastly improved data quality as well as more efficient 2D or 3D groundwater imaging†. Independent Tx/Rx channels allow simultaneous measurement on multiple loops. Identical broadband response on all channels is critical for noise cancellation.

Proprietary Pulse Sequences

CPMG MeasurementsGMR acquisition software offers sophisticated multi-pulse measurements, enabling T1, T2 spin-echo or CPMG measurements, which yield more robust estimates of hydrogeologic properties. Advanced phase cycling suppresses artifacts for improved data quality.† New adiabatic pulse sequence produces up to 3 times larger signal than traditional FIDs.

Priority on Safety

Safety features are extensively integrated in the GMR design, protecting the user from powerful electrical discharge. All GMR terminals are environmentally rated with no-touch connectors so high-voltage contacts are not exposed.

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