NMR Rock and Soil Core Analyzer — Corona delivers accurate NMR measurements with flexibility over a wide range of core size and lithology.


Corona Equipment by Vista Clara


Corona NMR measurements enable rapid quantification of fluid content and hydrogeologic properties including the total porosity, bound/mobile fluid fractions, pore size distribution, and permeability.

Corona Applications Include:
  • Aquifer and Aquitard Characterization
  • Moisture Analysis in Soil and Rock
  • Bound/Mobile Cutoff Calibration
  • Saturation and Drainage Dynamics
  • Petrophysical Calibration
  • Porous Media Dynamics
Low Permeability Clayey Silt
High Permeability Clean Sand


Corona’s unique design features allow robust measurements of hydrologic properties over a wide range of core size and lithology.


Field Portability

Maintaining laboratory precision, Corona’s lightweight and rugged design allows measurement in the field. With a mobile configuration, you can quantify water content and hydrological properties immediately after collecting samples.

Any Sample Size

Soil and rock cores come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Corona has interchangeable detection coils appropriate for different core diameters, and removable doors to enable continuous measurement of long undisturbed cores.

Low-Field for Magnetic Geology

Corona operates in a much lower field and with a higher relative bandwidth than other NMR analyzers, enabling more accurate measurement of water content in magnetically susceptible rocks
and sediments.

rock and soil samples

echo time data chart