Mining Applications

Mining is a multi-faceted market that often has specific requirements relating to groundwater characterization.
For example a particular mining operation may:

  • Need to use available water as part of the mining process
  • Need to avoid groundwater to keep it from interfering with the mining processes
  • Need to monitor and manage groundwater as a safety issue, such as measuring water in and beneath mine-waste tailings, water dams, etc.

In these specific cases, magnetic resonance (NMR) tools and technologies can be very helpful and cost-effective for capturing direct and unambiguous groundwater measurement data.

Also, in some specialty mining applications such a “brine mining” or “solution mining” the target minerals are being extracted from the groundwater itself. In these cases, NMR groundwater direct measurement and characterization provide significant value in helping optimize the mining processes, quantifying remaining resources and planning processes regarding the economics of extraction.  Developing accurate models of mineral reserves is a critical factor in the planning and financing of extraction activities.

Depending on the specific requirements, a range of different NMR tools can be of significant value.
Read this article for a good example: NMR for Geotechnical, Hydrogeological and Mining Applications from Robertson GEO

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