Javelin Wireline Slim

Magnetic Resonance Logging Tool
For Professional Geophysical Operators

Ideal for PVC-cased or open boreholes from 3 inches to 11 inches (7.6 to 27.9 cm) Javelin Slim’s compact downhole electronics provide high resolution characterization of aquifer properties including volumetric water content, pore size distribution, porosity, and hydraulic conductivity.

This flexibility makes it well-suited for small to medium diameter core holes and groundwater wells, ranging from 3 to 12 inches.

Javelin Wireline Slim key capabilities include:

  • Two simultaneous diameters of investigation (2-frequency operation)
  • Interchangeable lower probe sections (2.38 or 3.50 inches diameter)
  • Simplified, compact downhole electronics (2.38 inches diameter)
  • Optional gamma module
  • Wide diameter, high-resolution logging capabilities

Javelin Slim is available for sale or rental.

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For More Info:
Download Javelin Slim Specifications