Javelin Max

Magnetic Resonance Logging Tool
For Medium and Large Diameter Groundwater Wells

The tool of choice for large bores up to 18 inches (46 cm) Javelin Max’s powerful permanent magnets polarize hydrogen contained within the nucleus of water molecules to characterize aquifer properties including volumetric water content, pore size distribution, porosity, and hydraulic conductivity. Simultaneous multifrequency data collection in up to three diameters of investigation speeds up logging time while ensuring that the sensitive zone is outside the zone disturbed by drilling.

Javelin Wireline Max key capabilities include:

  • Logs wells from 5 inches to 18 inches in diameter
  • Up to 3 simultaneous diameters of investigation
  • Interchangeable lower probe sections

Javelin Max is available for sale or rental.

For More Info on Javelin Max:
Download Javelin Max Specifications