GMR Flex Surface NMR

Surface-based Magnetic Resonance Tool
Compact and Flexible Form Factor

Modular Design Provides Unparalleled Flexibility

Packaging the most advanced features into a lightweight platform, GMR-Flex enables fast and efficient surveying of shallower groundwater systems. Modular components can be combined to optimize depth of investigation while minimizing equipment weight and size. In its most compact configuration, the GMR-Flex Transmitter can be operated from batteries with no additional modules. Modules for Tuning and DC capacitance can be added to increase output power and depth of investigation. In addition to standard GMR features, the GMR-Flex also includes ultra-fast switching for dead-times of less than 1 ms.

GMR-Flex™ is the world’s first mid-range surface NMR instrument, and its key features include:

  • Highest power output (2000V/400A standard) for any compact surface NMR instrument, enabling resolution of aquifer properties to depths of up to 260 feet (80 meters)
  • Modular design enables shallow and mid-depth surveying with reduced equipment
  • Lightweight components with simple interconnections make set-up, moving and packing-up very fast and easy
  • Shortest measurement dead time of any surface NMR instrument (< 1 ms)
  • Flexible multi-channel architecture with 2 full-power transmit/receive channels standard, with optional field expansion to 4-channels
  • Patented CPMG and Adiabatic pulse sequences provide immunity to the effects of magnetic geology, rapid acquisition of complete T2 relaxation data, and up to 3x higher NMR signal amplitude than traditional pulse sequences

GMR-Flex uses the same data acquisition and processing software as the standard GMR, providing GMR-Flex users the same array of measurement, processing and imaging capabilities as users of the standard GMR.

A number of the features included in the Vista Clara GMR Flex instrument are patented as follows: US 7,986,143 B2; US 8,451,004 B2; US 8,581,587 B2; US RE43,264 E; US 10,145,915 B2; EP 1 651 974 B1; US 9,599,688 B2; US 9,551,807 B2; US 9,588,068 B2; US 10,302,733 B2

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