Discus Soil Moisture Analyzer

Discus Magnetic Resonance Soil Moisture Analyzer


Discus NMR Control Unit:

This rugged and highly portable product functions as a complete, field capable NMR spectrometer. The Discus control unit provides power, wideband RF power amplification, NMR pulse sequence generation and synchronous low-noise NMR signal data acquisition, all in one environmentally-sealed enclosure. This unit interfaces with a Windows field tablet or laptop via a single USB connection, enabling NMR measurements to be acquired and analyzed in real time in the field.

Discus delivers fast, accurate, and non-invasive measurements of soil moisture and texture from the surface, removing the need for sample extraction, calibration, or radioactive sources. Discus provides determination of soil moisture (water content) at four discrete depth intervals, ranging from 1 inch to 8 inches (2.5 to 20 cm). The NMR relaxation time distribution also indicates the pore size distribution and soil characteristics.

Key capabilities of Discus include:

  • Direct quantification of soil moisture
  • Completely non-invasive investigations
  • No radioactive sources or licensing
  • No soil-specific calibration for moisture content
  • Fast measurement time (3-10 minutes)
  • Measurement results available immediately in the field
  • Bound versus mobile water classification
  • Estimation of aquifer permeability & pore size
  • Ability to non-invasively measure soil water content beneath asphalt and stonework

A number of the features included in Discus are patented as follows:US 10,302,733, US 8,816,684 B2

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