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April 2020
A Message to our Customers: We’re Here for You!
Since our inception, Vista Clara has been a global company, providing advanced NMR geophysical solutions and on-site services to customers in many countries spanning six continents.
During these stressful times, our heartfelt thoughts go out to all of our customers and we stand committed to help in any way that we can. Our engineers, geophysicists and and customer support staff are working full time and efficiently from home, and we continue to provide expert services and facilitate equipment rentals, and we are supporting ongoing customer operations and projects on several continents.  
As the COVID-19 crisis subsides, we will continue to provide the highest levels of support, service and training, whether you choose to purchase, or rent equipment. Or if you just want advice on best practices for using NMR geophysics.
Vista Clara CEO, Dave Walsh, working with USGS in Uvalde Texas.
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Javelin® Borehole Magnetic Resonance
High-Resolution Measurement and Characterization of Aquifer Properties
Vista Clara’s advanced Javelin family of borehole magnetic resonance logging tools provide direct, low-cost, high-resolution measurements of hydrogeological properties that users really care about.
Key capabilities include:
  • Volumetric water content
  • Pore size distribution
  • Bound and mobile porosity
  • Hydraulic conductivity
  • Transmissivity
A single Javelin NMR log can provide all of these key hydrogeological properties at vertical resolution on the order of 25 to 50 centimeters, enabling unambiguous and precise characterization of the water storage and pore structure characteristics of any earth formations.
New whitepaper:
Surface Magnetic Resonance Measurements
of Hydrogeologic Properties
Read this new whitepaper from Vista Clara to gain a deep understanding of the key considerations in selecting and deploying a Surface Magnetic Resonance system.
This whitepaper addresses critical issues including:
  • Overview of the Surface Magnetic Resonance methodology
  • Requirements of Surface Magnetic Resonance Equipment
  • Safety Engineering and Risks of Unsafe Equipment
  • Mitigating Electrical Risks to Operators and Bystanders
  • Assuring Reliable Data in Every Situation and Environment
  • Equipment Engineered for Durability and Longevity
  • User-Friendly Processing and Visualization
New Vista Clara Web Site
Vista Clara is pleased to announce a complete makeover of our web site. It is designed to help visitors quickly understand what magnetic resonance can do and to easily navigate to the most appropriate solutions for your needs.
Visit the new site at www.vista-clara.com