Magnetic resonance (NMR) data provides unique insights into hydrogeologic environments not possible with other geophysical methods or using conventional borehole logs. By inducing a physical response in groundwater and directly measuring a returned signal, magnetic resonance logging unambiguously detects water content, aquifer porosity, pore size distribution, and aquifer permeability.

NMR provides value in these application areas:

Groundwater Resources
Aquifer evaluation – Aquifer storage and recovery – Virtual pump testing – Well screen placement and optimization – Sustainability planning – Saltwater intrusion – Parameterization of groundwater models.  Learn more

Environmental Remediation
Groundwater flow modeling – Remediation design – High-resolution delineation of flow paths/barriers – Quantification of immobile contaminant traps – Inspection of well grouting – Detection of high volume NAPL

Solution mining resource modeling – Dewatering – Waste rock and tailings stability – In-situ leaching and heap leaching – Environmental impact assessment

Soil stability – Liquefaction risk – Tunnel boring – Dam and levee inspection – Foundation dewatering

NMR data offer key insights into hydrogeology.
Quantities obtained by NMR data include:
• Total volumetric water content
• Bound and mobile water contents
• Moisture content in the vadose zone
• Relative pore size distribution
• Porosity below the water table
• Relative permeability
• Absolute permeability (with calibration)
• Transmissivity

No other well logging or geophysical method can deliver this critical information as efficiently and economically as magnetic resonance. Vista Clara offers magnetic resonance instrumentation for borehole and well logging, surface surveys, and specialty applications including shallow soil investigations and core analysis.

Vista Clara’s entire product line is also available to rent globally, and our scientific staff can provide a full suite of field services.

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