Geophysical Groundwater Services Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)

Vista Clara offers comprehensive geophysical services, with a focus on NMR, to deliver valuable information for a wide range of groundwater applications, including environmental, municipal, agricultural, and mining projects. Our unique expertise in NMR instrumentation and analysis allows us to provide detailed characterization of groundwater without the need to drill additional wells. We can acquire NMR measurements non-invasively using our GMR surface-based instrument or via small boreholes using our Javelin logging tools, which can even operate in combination with a geoprobe system. Our team of expert engineers and geophysicists interpret these measurements to deliver actionable information to our clients. In addition to NMR measurements, we can also provide a full suite of conventional surface and borehole geophysical services to complement any survey. Please read more about our services or contact us online to learn how we can add precision and value to your groundwater project.

Why Nuclear Magnetic Resonance?

NMR is the same physics operating behind MRI imaging in medicine. The distinct advantage of NMR in geophysics is that it provides direct and unambiguous measurements of groundwater. The NMR signal is emitted directly by hydrogen nuclei in groundwater and is only detected if groundwater is present. Therefore, measuring the NMR signal enables direct quantification of the volume and spatial distribution of groundwater. The behavior of the NMR signal also provides information about the pore-scale hydrogeologic environment. Thus, it can be used to estimate critical properties governing the flow and storage of groundwater, including permeability. With our advanced technologies, we can precisely measure the NMR signal from groundwater non-invasively, using our sophisticated GMR surface-based system, or in small holes, using our miniaturized Javelin logging tools.

Geophysical NMR Measurements Provide

  • Direct detection and quantification of groundwater
  • Mapping of groundwater and aquifer properties with depth
  • Direct determination of water content porosity
  • Estimation of permeability, specific yield, pore size, and other properties

Geophysical NMR Applications Include

  • Groundwater exploration and well site selection
  • Quantification of groundwater resources and total storage
  • Virtual pump testing without drilling: estimation of aquifer properties
  • Detection and delineation of preferential flow paths or flow barriers
  • Parameterization of groundwater models at local to basin scales

An Exclusive Focus on NMR Technology

Vista Clara Inc. develops and manufactures advanced nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) geophysical instruments for groundwater, environmental, mining, and energy resource investigations. In business since 1997, Vista Clara is the world’s only geophysical instrumentation company with an exclusive focus on NMR technology. Our unique expertise enables the company to rapidly develop and commercialize technologically advanced NMR instruments, and to leverage our portfolio of hardware and software technologies across a growing line of products.

Vista Clara is comprised of a Board of Directors, President, and Vice President that provide strategic and financial management. Our staff includes scientists, electrical and systems engineers, geophysicists, and administrative support personnel. Our principal office is located in Mukilteo, Washington, in the Seattle metropolitan area.

Vista Clara Inc. is incorporated in the State of Washington, and classified under SBA regulations as a small, veteran-owned business. Vista Clara Inc. is also registered as a business in Australia with a resident director based in Adelaide.