Dart packs the power of magnetic resonance logging into a highly portable, battery-powered system operable by a single user. With Dart, any small-diameter bore—no matter how remote—becomes an opportunity for a high-resolution hydrogeologic log.



Dart yields a high-resolution log of hydrogeologic properties, including porosity, clay/capillary/mobile water content, pore size distribution, and hydraulic conductivity. Above the water table, Dart provides direct measurement of moisture content.


Dart enables efficient and high-resolution NMR logging in small-diameter borings either open or PVC-cased. Applications Include:

  • Moisture Logging & Monitoring
  • Vadose Zone Characterization
  • Environmental Site Assessment
  • Geotechnical Investigations
  • Hydrocarbon Contamination
  • Permafrost Studies
  • Soil Compaction Analysis
  • Long-term monitoring


With Dart, NMR logging becomes a single-person operation and any small-diameter boring becomes an opportunity for a high-resolution hydrogeologic log.

Hand-Portable, Battery-powered NMR

Dart is the world’s first and only hand-portable NMR logging tool, enabling backpack deployment to remote or environmentally sensitive locations, and eliminating the need for a multi-person crew or vehicle. Dart runs on batteries which can last for a full day of logging. A single user can transport and operate a Dart system, even in rough or challenging terrain.

High Resolution, Fine Detail Logs

Dart has an even higher vertical resolution than the Javelin, making it ideal for fine bed characterization. Dart also has a very short echo spacing ideal for measuring moisture content in unsaturated systems.

Sensitivity Beyond Drilling Disturbance

Drilling or extracting samples can alter their hydrogeologic properties. Dart measures beyond the drilled zone in a shell located several inches away from tool surface. For typical direct-push, hand-augered or diamond-core holes, Dart data reflects the properties of the undisturbed formation.

Compatibility with Javelin System

Dart uses the same connectors and cable as the Vista Clara Javelin, allowing Dart probes to run on Javelin systems. The software used for data acquisition and processing is identical between Dart and Javelin.

Direct Push Compatibility

Dart systems are compatible with direct push drilling technology.


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