Javelin Wireline acquires precise magnetic resonance logging data to depths of 4000 ft using industry standard wireline cable.



Javelin Wireline Applications Include:

  • Groundwater Resource Evaluation
  • Aquifer Storage and Recovery
  • Saline Aquifer Characterization
  • Mine Water Management
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • In-situ Leach Mining


Javelin Wireline In Use

Sample data above: A Javelin NMR log yields a continuous and high-resolution measurement of primary hydrogeologic properties, including porosity, bound/mobile water content, and permeability, and operates in PVC, fiberglass, or open holes.


The unique design features of Javelin Wireline enable performance over a wide range of borehole environments and drilling conditions.

View Beyond Drilling Disturbance

Drilling disturbs the formation around the borehole. Javelin provides deep view sensitivity, detecting the native formation in a sensitive shell located past the disturbed zone. This large diameter of investigation allows Javelin to operate in larger hole diameters, avoiding influence from washout and mud-invasion.

Multi-frequency Logging

Javelin Wireline simultaneously acquires data at multiple frequencies to obtain sensitivity at up four discrete diameters of investigation. Shells can be combined in post-processing to improve data quality or can be analyzed independently to assess radial variation or drilling artifacts.

diagram info graphic showing detail of the Javelin tool

graphic showing multiple NMR sensitive shells


Javelin Probes JP350X JP525X
Probe Diameter 3.5 inches 5.25 inches
Sensitive Diameter F1: 10 inches F1: 14 inches
F4: 15 inches F4: 21 inches
Vertical Resolution 18 inches 18 inches
Assembled Length 13.8 ft 12.9 ft
Assembled Weight 120 lb 150 lb

Module Diameter: 3.5 inches
Logging Speed: 100-500 ft/hr
Cable: 3/16 inch 4-core
Max Depth: 4000 ft
Javelin Wireline® Control Box:
120V, USB, 3U rackmount


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