The Javelin and Dart suite of borehole tools is engineered with a priority on accuracy and flexibility, providing valuable data in almost any bore size with the power to see beyond the drilling disturbance. At any depth or borehole size, an optimized NMR logging solution is available for your project.

Vista Clara’s NMR logging tools are available in three system configurations, to meet the budgets and operational requirements of any groundwater, environmental or mining project:

  • Dart: battery-powered NMR logging tool for highly mobility, narrow bores, or shallow targets.
  • Javelin®: Highly flexible, lightweight logging platform for environmental and groundwater logging to 400m.
  • Javelin® Wireline: For logging to depths of up to 1200m using industry-standard 3/16″ 4-conductor wireline and truck mounted winches.

Javelin and Dart systems deliver accurate and efficient hydrogeologic characterization in a high-resolution log. Operating over a wide range of borehole sizes, these tools allow determination of porosity, bound/mobile water content, and hydraulic conductivity. Vista Clara’s NMR logging tools bring cost savings and informed decision making to markets such as groundwater resources, environmental remediation, geotechnical engineering, and mining.



Javelin and Dart data deliver value and cost-savings across a broad range of commercial, research, and government applications.

Groundwater Resources

  • Aquifer evaluation and virtual pump testing
  • Sustainability planning and saltwater intrusion
  • Parameterization of groundwater models
  • Aquifer storage and recovery design
  • Well screen placement and optimization


  • Dewatering feasibility and design
  • Brine mining assessment and optimization
  • Waste rock and tailings characterization
  • In-situ and heap leaching investigation
  • Environmental impact assessment


  • Improved remediation design
  • High-resolution delineation of flow paths/barriers
  • Quantification of immobile contaminant traps
  • Inspection of well grouting
  • Detection of large volumes of NAPL


  • Soil stability and liquefaction risk
  • Tunnel boring risk mitigation
  • Dam and Levee inspection
  • Foundation dewatering design

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