New Deep Groundwater NMR Logging with Javelin Wireline

Vista Clara is excited to introduce ¬†JavelinWireline for deep groundwater logging. Built on the powerful architecture of the Javelin technology suite, the fully digital wireline Javelin operates on standard 3/16 inch steel cable. With the ability to run on 1000 meter winches, the Javelin Wireline opens new doors for reliable and precise NMR logging in deep applications. The wireline Javelin system is packaged in a small diameter for maximum flexibility, while retaining a large diameter of investigation to see beyond the zone of drilling disturbance. A 3.5 inch OD model has a diameter of investigation of 15 inches and a 5.25 inch OD model has a investigation diameter of 20 inches. During July 2016, the tool was successfully demonstrated at wells in the Southwest United States and is now available to Vista Clara’s international markets.