Sensitivity Outside the Disturbed Zone

Drilling disturbs the native formation around the borehole. Only Javelin provides deep view sensitivity, beyond the disturbed zone, in a discrete cylindrical shell. An NMR measurement with shallow sensitivity may only detect the disturbed formation, rendering the data useless.  A large diameter of investigation is critical for measurements in most cased holes.

Small-Diameter Slimhole Tool

Many groundwater wells and boreholes are just a few inches in diameter and cannot accommodate large oil-field NMR logging instruments (even if funding permits the use of these expensive tools).  The affordable Javelin tool is available in three sizes designed specifically for slimhole boreholes and wells.  The smallest tool is designed to operate in holes as small as two inches.  The largest tool operates in four to eight inch holes.  An intermediately sized tool is designed to be operated with a GeoProbe direct push system for minimally-invasive surveys.

Instant Processing and Interpretation

The Javelin software package allows  users to easily monitor data quality and to process measurements while logging.  The software also includes analysis tools to immediately determine water content, T2 distributions, and estimated hydrogeologic parameters (including bound/movable water content and relative or calibrated permeability).

Advanced Noise Cancellation

NMR measurements in the near surface can be susceptible to noise from nearby infrastructure, particularly at very shallow depths.  Javelin’s patented noise cancellation architecture uses reference sensors to mitigate the influence of cultural noise, thereby enabling measurements in highly urbanized areas.