Detailed Characterization

Corona provides determination of fluid content with classification of bound versus mobile fluids.  The non-destructive measurement also yields estimates of hydrogeologic properties such as specific yield, pore size, and permeability.

Portable Laboratory

With a rugged design weighing in at less than 25 kg, Corona travels easily to the field.  Now you can acquire immediate NMR measurements on core samples and cuttings the moment they are brought to the surface.  Corona can operate with a low power inverter and 12V battery.

Any Sample Size

A four inch wide bore allows even the largest of samples to be measured.  Access doors on both sides of the bore even allow long core samples to be passed through for profiling measurements on cores and columns.

Low-field Redefined

The static magnetic field amplitude of Corona is almost an order of magnitude lower than conventional “low-field” systems.  The very low magnetic field reduces measurement artifacts present in samples with magnetic mineralogy.